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Claudine Keane gets a new modeling job (and slags of French!)
11/07/2010  by Justwagnews.com
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The Irish international striker Robbie Keane is on holiday from his duties for Tottenham (although Celtic are still trying to get him to return to Scotland), but his gorgeous wife Claudine is still as busy as ever!

She has just got herself a new job working with Ultimo's promoting their Adore Moi line, so there will be lots more pics of Claudine in her underwear around soon!

Michelle Mone OBE, the creator of Adore Moi by Ultimo, said: ‘Claudine is a beautiful woman and we're delighted to have her on board for the next Adore Moi by Ultimo campaign.’

Claudine has also been gloating over France's dismal showing at the World Cup, as they totally disrupted the Keane's summer plans.

“When the World Cup started, there was nowhere else in the world, no holiday that we wanted to be on more than making it to South Africa,” Claudine said.

“It was the team's dream and I felt so bad.”

But she thought that France's poor showing was the ‘karma’ after Thierry Henry's Hand Of Frog that knocked the Republic of Ireland team out in the play-offs.

“Maybe it was just bad karma and maybe it was Henry's handball that came back around and bit them on the bum,” she said.

With Robbie's carrer drawing to a close, it looks like his missus will still be earning lots of money to keep them in the manner to which they have become accustomed……

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