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“Team Sushi”: Spain National Team Secrets
09/07/2010  by Kickette.com
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Not sure we'd class the recent revelations by Sopitas.com about the Spanish National Team as “secrets”. To us, that would mean information about which bedtime stories Sergio Ramos reads to Pedro, and whether David Villa is buying S, M or larger-than-medium-but-still-not-Large-size underpants.

Still, we'll take these fun tidbits of info because we're greedy like that.

1. Xavi on Cesc Fabregas: Apparently, Cesc “gets distracted” often. For example: “We were in Serbia, all waiting on the bus to go to the airport and head back to Spain. Time was running out and we needed to leave and he was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later, he ran on. He overslept”….ran on with bedhead? Eye boogies? UGG slippers? Xavi, don't leave us hanging!

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