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21/05/2010  by Telegraph.co.uk
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Hyundai World Cup giveaway means a great deal for South African schools charity.


A scrappage scheme with a difference is being operated at a Hyundai dealer, where you can trade in your old football for a brand new one - for free.

Bushey Heath Hyundai, near Watford, is taking advantage of the Korean manufacturer's World Cup sponsorship during an event on May 23 from 11am to 4pm, in which Hyundai is giving away 57,000 footballs - one for every car it sold last year

Old footballs in good condition will be sent to SOS Africa, a charity operating with schools in South Africa, where this year's World Cup takes place from June 11 to July 11.

England's first match is the following day, against the USA. In addition, Hyundai will send a minimum of 5,000 new footballs to South Africa.

Like the recent Government scrappage scheme for cars, under which Hyundai performed particularly well, everyone who owns a football in less than perfect condition can exchange it for a brand new Hyundai ball.

Bushey Heath Hyundai is staging a day of football-themed events including a football skills challenge, along with more conventional entertainment such as bouncy castles.

As well as give-aways and entertainment throughout the day, visitors will also have the opportunity to win tickets to the World Cup.

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