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  • 1. To play, register as 7m user is for free.
  • 2. There are total 48 group matches and 16 eliminations for users to participate, starting from 5th Jun and ends on 11th July. (Any changes please refer to actual match schedule)
  • 3. Handicap rules and aggregate points are applied in this quiz. The person with the highest accuracy rate over the most number of games will be the final winner, and be rewarded accordingly.
  • 4. Users are not allowed to pick any team once the game kick-off. Each user can only participate once in any game, once a team is picked, the action is not reversible. (Please select with care.)
  • 5. If there is any fraud, cheat and abnormal practices (Eg. Multiple registries, false registry, cheating with software, etc.), we will take severe action to deal with these. The misbehaved user’s account will be frozen permanently, no prize will be awarded, and be prohibited from participate in any events at our site.
  • 6. Frequent encountered quiz questions please refer to FAQ page.
  • 7. We reserve our rights to have the final say in this quiz game.
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Notice: Please subject to GMT+0800 if there are no other time zones marking in our info.
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