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Star player:
Didier Drogba

Previous appearances:
2006 (first round).

How they qualified
Mozambique (h)    1-0
Madagascar (a)      0-0
Botswana (a)        1-1
Botswana (h)        4-0
Mozambique (a)     1-1
Madagascar (h)      3-0
Malawi (h)             5-0
Guinea (a)             2-1
Burkina Faso (a)      3-2
Burkina Faso (h)     5-0
Malawi (a)             1-1
Guinea (h)             3-0

Man for man the Elephants look about the best side representing Africa next year and could match Cameroon's achievements of 1990 by reaching the last eight, although the group draw is devilishly difficult.

Strange but true
Ivory Coast are the only team to have scored in every World Cup match they have played in, although they have appeared in just a single finals, in Germany in 2006. As in South Africa, they found themselves in the group of Death, and were 2-0 down in all 3 of their matches, against Argntina (1-2), the Netherlands (1-2) and Serbia and Montenegro (3-2).

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