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Star player:
David Suazo

Previous appearances:
1982 (first round).

How they qualified
Costa Rica (a)              0-2
Trinidad & Tobago (a)   1-1
Mexico (h)                   3-1
USA (a)                       1-2
El Salvador (h)              1-0
Costa Rica (h)               4-0
Trinidad & Tobago (h)    4-1
Mexico (a)                    0-1
USA (h)                       2-3
El Salvador (a)               1-0

Rueda's men have some top-level European experience with the likes of Suazo based in Italy and Wilson Palacios performing well at Tottenham, but it would be a big shock if Honduras made it to the second round.

Strange but true
In 1969, Honduras and El Salvador fought what misleadingly became known as the “Football War”. While other events led to the dispute, three World Cup playoffs in 1969 were the platform for armed conflict between the countries. El Salvador won the playoffs and a place at the 1970 World Cup possibly claim victory in combat, after extra-time and a shootout.

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