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Star player:
John Obi Mikel

Previous appearances:
1994 (second round), 1998 (second round), 2002 (first round).

How they qualified 
South Africa (h)         2-0
Sierra Leone (a)         1-0
Equatorial Guinea (h)  2-0
South Africa (a)         1-0
Sierra Leone (h)         4-1
Mozambique (a)         0-0
Kenya (a)                 3-0
Tunisia (a)                0-0
Tunisia (h)                2-2
Mozambique (h)        1-0
Kenya (a)                 3-2

Internal strife could be the greatest threat to the Super Eagles' hopes, with Amodu expected to be dumped before the finals in favour of a foreign coach. Unlikely to reach the last 16.

Strange but true
The “Obi” in John Obi Mikel has nothing to do with Star Wars. Instead, it is the abbreviation of a nickname “Obinna” which means “father’s heart” in Igbo, a language spoken mostly in South Eastern Nigeria (and not on Tatoonie).

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